Grow By One

Value added, impact multiplied.
Promoting organizational health
In education, business, and beyond.

Michelle Burkhard is a versatile speaker
that communicates effectively to any
audience in any setting.  Book her today
to help in training, professional development
as a keynote, or breakout leader.

Early Childhood

An experienced expert
with knowledge of a variety
of environments and settings

Strengthening Families

Helping professionals work with
families from a strength focused
strategy that works across cultures

Leadership Development

Helping professionals from a variety
of organizations realize and promote
organizational health and strength

Value Added, Impact Multiplied

Continuous Improvement

Intentionally plan changes in order to meet internal and external mandates, before they become non-voluntary

Early Childhood

Developmentally appropriate practices that follow national and state standards of quality.

Leadership Development

All people can grow their ability in leadership with some help.

Strengthening Families

Training, individual and group coaching, and continuous program evaluation


To see individuals and groups continuously grow, step by step, to maximize positive impact in our communities.


To influence individuals and groups within the areas of leadership development and continuous improvement practices.

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